2021 Keiki Summer School

Ho`ala Keiki 2021 Summer School is available to all students who have completed Kindergarten - 6th grade

2021 Summer School Application

Ho`ala's Keiki Summer School Program welcomes students who have completed Kindergarten through 6th grade.  You do not need to be a current Ho`ala student to attend. This is an 8-week program beginning June 1  through July 23. The cost is $225.00 per week with discounts for 4 and 8 weeks. There are holidays on June 11th and July 5th.  Students may sign up for any week and it does not have to be consecutive weeks to receive the discount. This is a theme-based program with a different theme each week.  It is an inclusive classroom with all grade levels from K – 6 working on their own grade level. Morning academics are followed by afternoon enrichment activities based on the theme of the week. Themes for the 2021Keiki Summer School Program are currently under production, however past summer school themes are below:   


1) How Does My Garden Grow!

Time to garden!  Students will be visiting the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens, work in the Ho`ala garden, learn about the life cycle of plants, build an ecosystem, grow seeds, make vegetable soup and create plant art.


2) Under the Sea!

What lives under the sea?  We will explore different types of ocean animals through books, activities, and crafts.  Great creative fun using lots of energy!


3) Create Your Own Comic Book

Students will show their creative side by developing their own comic book character, plot their story lines, draw comic book panels, color & ink their comics, then bind and print their very own comic books!


4) Who’s That Masked Hero?

Continuing with the Comic Book theme, students will create their own mask from their comic book character. They will plan, design, construct and paint their very own comic book character mask. On the last day they will pose for the cover of their very own Comic Book! 


5) Ecosystem Exploration
This week is about appreciating nature’s beauty all around us! From the rainforest canopy to the depths of the ocean and everything in between, get ready for an expedition!

6) Around the World in 5 Days

In a jam-packed week of adventure, we will celebrate different continents, countries, and cultures! Students will get a chance to fill up their own “passport” while learning about diverse customs, foods, and art forms that are unique to societies across the globe!


7) Time Travelers
Have you ever wished that you had the power to time travel? Well here is your chance! Each day we will find ourselves on an adventure in a new time period, from the era of dinosaurs and the Ice Age, all the way through the Renaissance and into the Space Age! 


8) Science Fair
An “All-Access” pass to the best science fair in town! Join us for an eruption of fun while making volcanoes, ooey-gooey slime, and other neat experiments!


Please contact the school office at (808) 621-1898 or email info@hoalaschool.org for additional information.



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