Big Island Adventures for Middle and High School Students

Ho`ala School middle and high school students enjoyed working and playing during their annual 3-day outer island service trip, this year to the Big Island. 

Students worked hard during their beach clean up on day one. During the cleanup, 12th grader Seth had the opportunity to educate students and faculty on the building and repair of canoes.  Seth's senior mentorship project included working with Puakea Foundation of Hawaii, Inc., learning how to restore and maintain beautiful koa canoes. Later HS students accompanied their teacher Uri to tour University of Hawaii, Hilo while MS students toured the Macadamia Nut Factory, the Volcano Welcome Center and Volcano Hotel. Although plans to work with UH Manoa were cancelled because of all the rain lately, the UH Manoa representative, (and friend of Uri) felt so bad about the cancellation that she brought students banana bread saw them safely to the alternative service project, a beach cleanup. By the end of the day, students were officially worn out! 

The next day, students had a fun and exhausting day! Waking at 5:30am, students quickly headed to Kona for a whale watching/snorkeling boat ride! The boat was amazing, with 5 staff members watching their every move were professional and attentive. Students had so much fun snorkeling and just relaxing on the boat decks. 

Each year students choose an island to travel to and perform community service. For over 10 years students worked at Koke`e National Park in Waimea, Kauai. For the last two years, they've chosen to work at Volcanoe Natiional Park, on the Big Island. 


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