Camp Kokua Annual Summer Program Serves the Community

Camp Kokua, a two-week national award winning summer day camp, began at Ho`ala School in 2002 for students who have completed 3rd grade through high school.  Students must have a desire to serve their community and have a good work ethic. Each year students work on a variety of projects throughout Oahu and in years past, outer islands as well.  Applications are now being accepted for 2016.  Click here for application information.



 This summer, Camp Kokua students:



  • Cleared vegetation, removed mulch, and helped to beautify an area at the Hawaii Nature Center.



  • Sorted food, unloaded trucks, served the homeless, and restocked the pantry at Aloha Harvest.



  • Enjoyed a hike and incredible views to reach the spot where they helped to control invasive plants including Crocosmia and guava in the native forest of Palikea. 



  • Raked, weeded and cleaned up fallen leaves to help beautify Waimea Valley.



  • Cleaned the lo`i at Papahana Kualoa, as well as removed weeds and other invasive shrubbery.  They also had a great time playing in the mud and then rinsing off in a clear, cold mountain stream.



  • Learned painting skills at Home Depot through their outreach program and with paint donated from Home Depot, repainted the restrooms at school.



Camp Kokua afternoons are dedicated to learning from each experience through writing, reading, art, games, and reflection.



On the last day of the two week program, Camp Kokua students share presentations that summarize their experiences with family, friends and community members.    


Camp Kokua Group  Tamar Painting  Hawaii Nature Center  Bathroom painting  Kids with bag  Teyha raking  Kate Planting  Loi Group




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