Keiki Summer School

2022 Keiki Summer School Example

Summer School hours are 8am - 3pm daily with Morning Care from 6am and After School until 5:30pm for an additional fee.  

Summer School Application


 Week of June 6 - 9 (Friday is holiday)

1) Kitchen Chemistry

Did you know that cooking is chemistry and chemistry is science?  We will have fun and learn the science of chemistry and physics through hands-on activities and crafts using everyday materials found around the kitchen and in the home.  

Week of June 13 - 17

2) Kitchen Chemistry 2

More crafts and experiments as we continue to learn about science.

Week of June 20 - 24

3) Wizard Academy

Pack your trunk! This week brings out the wizard in all of us! At wizard academy we will celebrate the wizard world through crafts, lessons, games and more. If your kids are fans of stories about wizards and magic, from Merlin to Harry Potter, then this week is sure to be a favorite. 

Week of June 27  - July 1

4) All Ball!

Balls, Balls and more balls! In this camp we will play games, create art projects and snacks, that all have to do with balls! We will play traditional sports, like basketball, and traditional playground sports, like foursquare! We will try out a few sports that are not so traditional such as pickleball to name a few! Continuing our theme of “Ball”, we will even throw in some Ballroom Dancing! Come join us – we are all sure to have a Ball!

Week of June 5 – July 8 (Monday is a holiday)

5) Teaching the 3 R's; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This week, we’ll look at what waste is and what happens to it. Students will discuss how much waste individuals create and what we can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We will look at our own habits and consider changes that can be made.

Week of July 11 - 15

6) Rainforests

Did you know that Hawaii is the only state in the United States that has tropical rainforests? Did you know the Rainforests are called the “lungs of the earth?  A rainforest is a tall, dense forest that receives lots of rain every year. Rainforests are full of biodiversity, meaning there are lots of different species of plants and animals that live there.  We will discover through hands-on activities where they are in the world, what animals and plants live there and how the world depends on a healthy rainforest.

Week of July 18 - 22

7) Camp Construction!

Get ready to put on your tool belt and get ready to learn about the fascinating world of architecture, engineering and construction! Explore how buildings get designed, engineered and built through fun, hands-on activities. 



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