Keiki Summer School

2021 Keiki Summer School Themes

Keiki Summer School is Full for most weeks. Please call the office for availibility. 808-621-1898 or email the Admissions Director, Darlene Dela Cruz at Mahalo

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Week of June 1 - 4

1) Create Your Own Comic Book

Students will show their creative side by developing their own comic book character, plot their story lines, draw comic book panels, color & ink their comics, then bind and print their very own comic books!

Week of June 7 – 10 (Friday is a holiday)

2) Who’s That Masked Hero?

Continuing with the Comic Book theme, students will create their own mask from their comic book character. They will plan, design, construct and paint their very own comic book character mask. On the last day they will pose for the cover of their very own Comic Book!

Week of June 14 - 18

3) Gardening! How Does Your Garden Grow?

How do they grow? What is their life cycle? Are they edible, native, or invasive? How about animals? Where do they fit in? We’ll learn the answer to all these questions and the importance to maintaining our agricultural ecosystems! 

Week of June 21  - 25

4) Storybook Theme: Let’s discover imagination and adventure through stories. Together, students will discuss classic stories and learn about the parts of a story structure. They will have an opportunity to engage in fun activities and create their own storybook to take home at the end of the week.

Week of June 28 – July 2

5) Art - Try It!

At Ho`ala School we love art! Though offered in our regular school year program, this week students will review or learn (if you’re new to Ho`ala) the different types of art, from drawing and painting, to collage and mixed media. Students will learn how we can use art to share and process their feelings, color theory, and more.

Week of July 6 – 9(Monday is a holiday)

6)Hawaiiana Theme

E komo mai! Did you know that hoʻāla means to waken or rise up? Let’s rise up together and learn about Hawaiian language and culture through mele (music), pa’ani (games), and mo’olelo (stories).  

Week of July 12 - 16

7) Engineering Week!

We are going to explore engineering and learn how to build bridges, buildings, and finish off the week with an Egg drop! This week students will develop an understanding through experimentation of which shapes are the most structurally strong, and that many factors are taken into account in engineering and building. Then students explore basic concepts such as gravity, force and acceleration with an Egg Drop at the end of the week.

Week of July 19 - 23

8) Wild and Wacky Science

Let your curiosity go wild. Join us for an all-inclusive week of exploring the wonders of science by making rockets, lava lamps, boats, slime, homemade geodes, and more.



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