OPEN HOUSE - Saturday, February 1, 2020 9am - 12noon

Open House on Saturday, February 1, 2020 from 9am – 12pm   

Ho`ala School welcomes prospective parents interested in learning more about our school for Kindergarten through 8th grade. For 33 years, Ho`ala has been a leader in Social/Emotional Education through a philosophy that encourages children to reach their full potential in a respectful, nourishing, non-sectarian environment.  Small classes, enriched curriculum, hands on learning, service trips, and caring, experienced teachers are a few highlights of our program. Tour our campus and meet the Head of School and current parents. 

Come to our Open House and see why Ho`ala School is the right choice for your child in the central district! 

We look forward to meeting you on February 1.  No registration necessary. 

Some highlights of our program:

Academic excellence is the standard expectation at Ho`ala.

Ho`ala's educational methodology is designed to build as your child progresses through the grades.  Our students gain in their ability to learn as they progress through the grades. 

A Military Parent who recently transferred to the mainland wrote:  "Mia's first progress report at her new school was amazing! Way to go Mia!  We are so proud of you!  Mia went to Ho`ala School from K - 4 and Ho`ala has exceeded our expectations not only academically, but socially as well! Their character development truly enriches the WHOLE child! Ho`ala's investment in each child's development and well-being has allowed Mia to soar at her new school! Thank you Ho`ala! Mia was definitely prepared and ahead of the curve for the middle school transition to include a HUGE military PCS to Oklahoma due to Ho`ala's emphasis on respect, responsibility, responsiveness, and resourcefulness.  We miss you every day-you will always be in our hearts Ho`ala! Special shout out to Carolyn Brown and Dara Hanegraaf and Lori Fukuoka-your hard work and dedication truly shows in Mia! Keep up the good work-we love you all! Ho`ala children thrive!"

Kindergarten Program: 

 Kindergarten - The Kindergarten cut-off date is December 31st. 

Ho`ala’s elementary curriculum makes full use of each professional educator’s personal skills and diverse experiences.  Teachers emphasize the process of learning, while working toward excellence in the students’ work.

Ho`ala students are empowered to become fully alive and involved in their learning, which naturally leads to maximum creativity and exploration.  Hands on, multi-sensory learning is key in the elementary grade levels.  All teachers are Orton-Gillingham certified.

Class work is purposeful, generative, challenging, engaging, gratifying and meaningful.   Competition is with one’s own limits rather than others.  Mistakes are accepted as learning opportunities.

Thinking skills, problem solving and writing skills are integrated throughout Ho`ala’s curriculum.  Whole group, small group, cooperative group, peer tutoring and one-on-one teaching are all used.

Core classes in science, math, language arts and social studies are balanced by Ho`ala’s excellent arts program, service learning, Spanish, and physical education.   

Students of diverse racial and religious heritage attend Ho`ala School. Through open communication and interaction among parents, staff, and peers, students are motivated to grow academically, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Students work through a curriculum, which fosters their love of learning, prepares them for the next steps in their education, and expands their ability to communicate effectively and participate fully in life.  

It is our goal to create caring communities where students attend to those around them in a compassionate, loving atmosphere. Teachers are natural, genuine, and competent. Students can see their teacher as someone who believes in them so that they can resist the pull towards negative choices.  

Our purpose is to educate students by providing a solid academic foundation in an environment in which children live healthy, happy and self-expressive lives while learning to be responsible, respectful, resourceful and responsive.

Additionally, our goals are

  • To make this program available to children of diverse ethnic, socio-economic and financial backgrounds; 
  • To support parents and teachers in raising their children to be more energized, more responsible, more communicative and more cooperative; and,
  • To benefit the larger community of Wahiawa and surrounding communities through continued emphasis on Service Learning, Ho`ala Parent-Teacher Study Groups, and Financial Aid Programs.


WASC and HAIS Accredited

A National Schools of Character Finalist

Adaptive Learning

Academic Excellence

Nurturing, highly qualified teachers

College Prep Curriculum

AP and Honors Courses available

Service Learning Program including off-island service trips

Fine Arts Program



Ho`ala students are engaging, self-motivated, effective individuals who learn to truly take charge of their lives! As citizens of an increasingly global world, Ho`ala students learn to accommodate a wide variety of opinions and needs while making their own voices heard. 

The Four R’s

Our student learning expectations are based on the underlying foundation of our character education program, which is…


You lose your power when you blame, lie, make excuses, and justify
You gain power by “owning” the choices you make in attitude and behavior


Honor your decision-making boundaries and those of others
Respect others by not making decisions for them that are properly theirs;
Respect yourself by not allowing others to make decisions that are properly yours.


Act for the good of the whole; 
We are interdependent and interconnected
Win-win instead of win-lose


Effective action
Instead of complaining, focus on what works
Problem solve!

National Award Winning Parenting Workshops offered twice a year: 

What we cover:

Discipline: Ho`ala’s unique discipline system is not merely a means of controlling behavior or gaining compliance. It is a way for students to see who they are, who their neighbors are, and to “choose” to proactive ways of being that support their greater good and the good of the entire community.  

Behaviors and Needs: All children need to experience a sense of belonging and significance.  To fill those needs children can develop behaviors and habits which work temporarily, (attention getting, power struggle, etc.) but don’t work in the long run.

Nurturing: Find ways that provide children with what they need to move from neediness and struggle to confidence and cooperation.

Avoiding Unwanted Behaviors: Sometimes parents often unwittingly perpetuate children’s behaviors. Learn how to avoid getting more of what we don’t want.

Motivate: Parents learn how to foster children’s intrinsic self-motivation. Learn some insights for encouraging lifetime learning and success. 



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