Fine Arts Program

Ho`ala School is well known for our fine arts program for all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade including visual arts in drawing, painting, sculpting, etc., Addtionally, drama is an important aspect of Ho`ala School's curriculum. Art projects are depicted throughout the school and annual drama performances are one of the highlights of student events. 

Tina Markel has been our Art and Drama teacher for over 25 years. She has left her incredible influence on many students who walked through our doors. Students who never thought they had an artistic ability have grown in confidence by working with Tina. Often students return to express their appreciation for helping to build their self-esteem through the art program.  A student once said: "To know Tina is to love Tina." We couldn't agree more!

A former student recently wrote and summed it up beautifully:: 

"Tina Markel is a guiding beacon to any student that walks through her doors. She never fails to give everyone the chance to be their best selves, and in her grace, she is capable of giving chance after chance to people who need them. I believe that Tina sees a light in everyone she meets, and wants to help them see it when they cannot. Being lucky enough to be under her instruction for a couple years, she really helped me overcome the initial self-doubt and fear that anyone would have when it comes to artistry. In her class, I was able to create something that channeled and gave focus to what I was feeling. Outside of her class, I was able to completely trust her and try something new, and it's thanks to Tina that I'm pursuing a career as a performer/director. I owe her so much--even though I'm sure she doesn't think so."  ...Cooper Knight








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