Ho`ala School Partners With Hokule`a to Support the World-Wide Voyage

Students began building the Ho`ala School Peace Garden with the help of Hokule`a crew members Ryan Hanohano Maggie and crew membersand Captain Kamaki. Thanks to Maggie Pulver, Ho`ala Science teacher and Hokule`a crew member in-training, funds to build the aquaponics system as well as raised beds were secured by a grant from HaSTA Chevron. The garden will eventually produce edible, medicinal plants for the school as well as the crew of the Hokule`a during their upcoming world-wide voyage. Students also replanted Koa tree saplings that were started from seeds the students collected during the summer of 2012 as a Ho`ala School Camp Kokua project. (A summer service-learning program.) These Koas will be used as gifts of peace to countries visited as the Hokule`a and sister ship Hikilinia voyage around the world.  Middle and High School students spent more time with crew members Ryan and Captain Kamaki as they answered questions regarding the upcoming voyage. The following day, students visited the Hokule`a, which was docked in Hale`iwa and crew members demonstrated various techniques that apply to voyaging the Hokule`a.  Students tried knot tying, used a star compass, maneuvered the sweep and unfurled the sail to experience life aboard the sailing vessel.  Crew member in class

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