Ho`ala Students Assist Oahu Army Natural Resources Program

13 Ho`ala students in various grade levels, gave up part of their spring break to paint a backdrop on 4 murals.  They were asked to paint the Waianae Mountain Range, sky with clouds and a grassy plain in foreground.

The murals will be taken to three community events during the month of April to Celebrate Earth "Month".  Two events will be on Schofield and one will be at Fort Shafter. 

According to Kim Welch, Outreach Specialist for the Oahu Army Natural Resources Program (OANRP), the murals will be featured as an interactive painting activity hosted by the OANRP outreach staff at each of these events.  OANRP staff will share images of various native forest plants and animals that the Army is protecting here on Oahu. Then children will be invited to paint their own version of one of these native plants or animals on the featured murals. Together they will create community murals that celebrate our unique Hawaiian forest species.

For the past 4 years, Ho`ala School students have regularly assisted OANRP with invasive weed control on the Waianae mountain range.    

Mural for OANRP

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