Ho`ala Extended Learning Program

Extended Learning AM and PM

The Extemded Learning program is an extention of the regular school day. Students in this class may come as early as 6am and can either prepare for the school day by finishing up homework, bring breakfast, or enjoy some quiet time before the normal school day begins.  Additionally, parents have the option to enroll their children in the afternoon Extended Learning Program until 5:30pm. There is an additional cost for these two classes. 

Our focus is to provide additional class time consistent with the policies and philosophy of Ho`ala School. Additional classes may include enrichment opportunities like, Lego Club, Hula for girls, Ukulele, for an additional tuition fee. These classes are still being planned and more may be added at a later date.

For more information please contact the school office at 808-621-1898 or email Justine@hoalaschool.org


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