Welcome Military Families!

Ho`ala School is located adjacent to Schofield Barracks & Wheeler AAFB on the Island of Oahu. Our school has 40% military students and welcomes new military families' students at any time during the year.  Ho`ala serves military families in various installations including, Schofield, Wheeler, Helemano, Pearl Harbor, Hickam and Camp Smith.  Military families choose to send their children to Ho`ala School for a variety of reasons. Ho`ala School has smaller class sizes and lower teacher to student ratio at an average of 1:11.  Our faculty is engaging and inspiring, and supports each child in a nurturing, rich, and experiential academic environment.  Because of our small slass sizes we are able to offer an individualized curriculum as well as AP & Honors programs.  100% of our graduates go on to colleges of their choice. The structure of our programs are conducive to students entering Ho`ala at various times in the year and experiencing success and academic progress. Our welcoming community integrates new students as if they were family moving home.

Our Military Tuition Program

Ho`ala School offers a generous tuition discount for active military families.  We offer $2,000 discount off the annual tuition cost for the first child,10% off the 2nd child and 15% off for each additional chAshton and Parentsild.   (Additional multi-child discount would not apply.)   The testing/application fee for all applicants is $50.00 which will be deducted from your first tuition payment if your child is accepted. 

Ho`ala School is committed to the care and education of children of the men and women of our armed forces.  Our nationally recoginzed Character Education Program directly and effectively supports children whose parents are deployed.

For more information about opportunities for military families, please contact our Admissions Director, Darlene Dela Cruz at or call at (808) 621-1898 or complete our Inquire Now  form and she will contact you by the next business day.

 Below are testimonials from a few of our military parents and a new 4th grade military student:

    Mia's first progress report at her new school! Middle School!!!  Way to go Mia! We are so proud of you! Mia went to Ho`ala School from K-4th and Hoala has exceeded our expectations not only academically but socially as well! Their program of character development truly enriches the WHOLE child! Ho`ala's investment in each child's development and well being has allowed Mia to soar at her new school! Thank you Ho`ala! Mia was definitely prepared and ahead of the curve for the middle school transition to include a HUGE military PCS to OK due to Ho`ala's emphasis on respect, responsibility, responsiveness and resourcefulness We miss you everyday- you will always be in our hearts Ho`ala! Special shout out to Carolyn Brown, Dara Hanegraaf and Lori Fukuoka- your hard work and dedication truly shows in Mia!!! Keep up the great work- we love you all! Hoala children thrive!!!!  Linea Baker

    My son has grown so much as a student at Ho`ala.  You all have done more to heal his self-esteem and confidence than I was able to do while homeschooling him.  We are so grateful.  He has become responsible & his anxiety about doing academic work, including homework, has disappeared.  This change is a credit to Lori, the other teachers (who converse with him, even though he is not their pupil) and to the administration .  There is something really special going on at Ho`ala.  It is so different from all their previous schools, and thank heavens!  It feels like love – not the sentimental version; rather, the version that sees and believes in the best of each child & gives them the tools to realize it for themselves.  Thank you!  Allison Evans.


     I love my new school!  I have lots of friends.  I'm learning lots of new things and I love having two recesses!  I've got new teachers I love. I've never been to a school this great!   (New 4th grade military student.)



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