High School Scholarship Program


For the upcoming academic year, all new applicants for Grades  9 through 12 who have a minimum “A”  average in a core subject, (Math, or Science) will be eligible to apply for academic scholarships at Ho`ala School.  Scholarships for the current school year are now closed.  Students must have an A average for the final year end grade or 4.0 grade point average.   Ho`ala is a college preparatory school with 100% college acceptance.  Individualized curriculum including AP and Honors courses are available.   3 graduates 2014

In addition to the usual admissions process, students wishing to apply for a scholarship must do the following:

  • Take part in a personal interview with two members of the Scholarship Committee 
  • Submit a letter of reference from an adult (not related) from the community or from their current school 
  • Write a short essay on the reasons why you feel you are a good candidate to receive this award

Scholarship winners will be determined by the Scholarship Committee and will be announced within a week following the deadline.

Deadline for completion of all parts of the application process is May 31st. 

For the upcoming academic year, there are 9 scholarships available:
Grade 9 Math or Science
First prize $2,000 scholarship 
Second prize $1,500 scholarship 
Third prize $1,000 scholarship

Grade 10 Math or Science
First prize $2,000 scholarship 
Second prize $1,500 scholarship
Third prize $1,000 scholarship

Grade 11 Math or Science
First prize $2,000 scholarship
Second prize $1,500 scholarship

Grade 12 Math or Science
First prize $2,000 scholarship

Students must reapply each year and continue to meet required academic standards. 
Scholarships are only awarded to enrolled students at Ho`ala School and are non-transferable. 


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