Applications for Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Continue to be Accepted

Applications for Kindergarten through 8th grade continue to be accepted. However, with expected limitations to classroom sizes, it is possible that some applicants will need to be waitlisted. We encourage all interested families to begin the application process ASAP in order to secure a space for the 2020-2021 school year. To apply, please click on the links below or call the office at (808)621-1898 or email the Admissions Director, Darlene Dela Cruz at with any questions.  

Kindergarten Application Forms

Application Forms For All Grade Levels

Once the application and necessary forms are received, we will contact you for next steps. 

Although protocols have changed for assessments and observations, during a normal assessment process, the following is considered: 

What we look for during the Kindergarten assessment process:

Observations are made regarding peer and adult interactions and separation from parents. Students are asked a variety of questions to determine their willingness to cooperate, listen to instructions, focus, and sit for a designated period of time. Maturity level is also considered in regards to following instructions as well as working independently. Applicants should be able to have some letter and number recognition and write their first name with proper pencil grip. 

A Kindergarten parent wrote: "The teachers and administrators are very nurturing and loving to the children, while also providing wonderful structure and guidance. The level of enthusiasm that they display, and the respect they hold for all the students and parents is phenomenal. I am happy that my child is in a safe environment that allows her to grow, play, and learn. The small class size and individualized attention the teachers provide to the students is a sight to see, and it is wonderful to see them use differentiation in instruction based on the students' levels. It is obvious that my child is truly thriving here at Ho`ala School, as she is so excited and happy to go to school every day.  We will forever be grateful for the endless love, support, and dedication that the entire staff has shown to my daughter in her first year here. I am enthusiastic and optimistic that she will continue to thrive and blossom in the coming years." 

Ho`ala’s elementary curriculum makes full use of each professional educator’s personal skills and diverse experiences.  Teachers emphasize the process of learning, while working toward excellence in the students’ work.

Ho`ala students are empowered to become fully alive and involved in their learning, which naturally leads to maximum creativity and exploration.  Hands on, multi-sensory learning is key in the elementary grade levels.  All teachers that teach Language Arts are Orton-Gillingham certified.

Many students work above grade level in LA and Math. If appropriate, K students may also be accommodated in an upper grade level classroom in these subject areas. After Kindergarten, Ho`ala students have been known to read on a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade level, and occasionally higher. However, all students are encouraged to reach their full individual potential without peer competition or comparison.    

Class work is purposeful, generative, challenging, engaging, gratifying and meaningful. Competition is with one’s own limits rather than others.  Mistakes are accepted as learning opportunities.

Thinking skills, problem solving and writing skills are integrated throughout Ho`ala’s curriculum.  Whole group, small group, cooperative group, peer tutoring and one-on-one teaching are all used.

Core classes in science, math, language arts and social studies are balanced by Ho`ala’s excellent arts program including music & drama, as well as service learning, Spanish, and physical education.   

Students of diverse racial and religious heritage attend Ho`ala School. Through open communication and interaction among parents, staff, and peers, students are motivated to grow academically, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Students work through a curriculum, which fosters their love of learning, prepares them for the next steps in their education, and expands their ability to communicate effectively and participate fully in life.  

It is our goal to create caring communities where students attend to those around them in a compassionate, loving atmosphere. Teachers are natural, genuine, and competent. Students can see their teacher as someone who believes in them so that they can resist the pull towards negative choices.  

Our purpose is to educate students by providing a solid academic foundation in an environment in which children live healthy, happy and self-expressive lives while learning to be responsible, respectful, resourceful and responsive.

Call us today at (808) 621-1898 for an application packet or to learn more.  Or click on the following link to download the application and required forms:  Kindergarten Application

Additionally, our goals are

·         To make this program available to children of diverse ethnic, socio-economic and financial backgrounds; 

·         To support parents and teachers in raising their children to be more energized, more responsible, more communicative and more cooperative; and,

·         To benefit the larger community of Wahiawa and surrounding communities through continued emphasis on Service Learning, Ho`ala Parent-Teacher Study Groups, and Financial Aid Programs.


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