Gratefulness - A Message from the Head of School

November 25, 2020

Dear Ho`ala Families,

Recently I started keeping a Mindfulness Journal. Every day I start my entry with, "I am thankful and grateful for..." Last night I looked over the entries that I have written so far and besides being thankful and grateful for my husband, sons, siblings, and friends, I noticed how many times I wrote about our school `ohana. 

I am truly thankful and grateful for being able to see your children, whether it be in person or online, every day; I am thankful and grateful to hear their laughter and see their sparkling eyes when they smile; I am thankful and grateful for my amazing staff who work tirelessly to make sure our students are not only receiving a great education, but are continuing to grow into such incredible people; and I am thankful and grateful for you for the warmth I receive at drop-off and pick-up, your support of our school, and for trusting us to work with your children every day. I am honored to have the opportunity to come to school each day.

I want to wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving that is filled with laughter, love and family.

Be well,


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