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Ho`ala Students

Ho`ala students are engaging, self-motivated, effective individuals who learn to truly take charge of their lives! As citizens of an increasingly global world, Ho`ala students learn to accommodate a wide varAngel, Jason and Codyiety of opinions and needs while making their own voices heard.  

The Four R’s

Our student learning expectations are based on the underlying foundation of our character education program, which is…


You lose your power when you blame, lie, make excuses, and justify
You gain power by “owning” the choices you make in attitude and behavior


Honor your decision-making boundaries and those of others
Respect others by not making decisions for them that are properly theirs;
Respect yourself by not allowing others to make decisions that are properly yours.


Act for the good of the whole;
We are interdependent and interconnected
Win-win instead of win-lose


Effective action
Instead of complaining, focus on what works
Problem solve!

Ho`ala Parents

Ho`ala parents know they are the most powerful influence in their children's lives! They know that their children will learn to become cooperative, effective, responsible individuals when the adults in their lives earnestly commit themselves to being cooperative, effective, responsible individuals. Read More

Ho`ala Parent/Teacher Workshops

All Ho`ala parents and teachers attend a series of five workshops to consider ways to successfully support their children's emotional and intellectual development. Workshops are held quarterly, in the evenings, two hours each week. Workshops are free of charge and open to the public. Topics include:

  • Session I The Ho`ala Agreement System - Effective Discipline
  • Session II Seeing Childrens' Behaviors and Needs
  • Session III Nurturing Childrens' Real Needs
  • Session IV Avoiding Unwanted Behaviors 
  • Sessions V Applying These Practices to Academics 

Ho`ala Faculty & Staff

Ho`ala teachers and staff are professionals chosen for their commitment to their own learning and growth. Read More


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